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The USCYBERCOM Publication Program processes the documents that establish and implement USCYBERCOM policy. The different types of policy include Instructions (USCCI), Manuals (USCCM), & Command Policy Memorandums (CPM). The USCYBERCOM Publications Program also manages the Command Forms Program, which manages the policy and procedures for the creation, coordination, control, revision, cancellation, and approval of forms within USCYBERCOM.

Instructions: A USCYBERCOM Instruction (USCCI) implements policy already established in DOD Directives and Instructions. They provide detailed roles and responsibilities and general procedures for carrying out that specific policy.

Manuals: A USCYBERCOM manual (USCCM) provides detailed procedures for implementing policy that is already established in a USCCI. A manual may contain some general roles and responsibilities based on added information on the manuals subject.

Command Memorandums: The Command Policy Memorandum (CPM) serves the same purpose as an instruction or manual, but are issued for time-sensitive information that effects current policies, or will be incorporated into a new or revised policy.

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Control #TitlePublication DateCurrent as ofExpiration DatePrimary OfficeInfo
2305.01.pdfLaw of War Program12/21/20208/5/20235/8/2028Staff Judge Advocate

Joint Force Headquarters - DoD Information Network

5000.01.pdfCorrespondence Management6/23/2023 6/23/2028CMD Sec

Joint Force Headquarters - DoD Information Network