Private Sector Partnerships

The Mission

The mission of our unclassified private-sector partnership program and forum, otherwise known as UNDER ADVISEMENT, is to engage with industry partners, agilely sharing critical information that enables both U.S. Cyber Command missions and private-sector partner priorities.

Who We Are

UNDER ADVISEMENT is U.S. Cyber Command’s front door regarding information-sharing to and from private sector partners. The immediate cyber crises information shared supports U.S. Cyber Command's entire mission set while providing vital information to our partners so they can further protect and defend their networks from adversary threats.

How We Do It

U.S. Cyber Command enters into two-way information-sharing agreements with partners from across all aspects of the public and private sectors. These agreements are designed to enhance and expand trust and dialog between our partners and CYBERCOM. Once an agreement is in place, members of the UNDER ADVISEMENT program work with our partners to facilitate sharing of critical information across multiple mediums – all to defend the nation against foreign adversary threats in and through cyberspace.

Contact Us

Contact the UNDER ADVISEMENT team by clicking here.