U.S. Cyber Command CODE

U.S. Cyber Command is the world’s premier cyberspace force – we are vigilant and unrelenting in our obligation to OWN THE DOMAIN. We are elite cyber professionals who excel in a dynamic and contested cyber environment.

U.S. Cyber Command defends the nation, countering hostile cyber actors alongside our interagency, industry, and international partners. We are always ready to fight and win as part of the Joint Force. Our ability to defend the nation, operate Department of Defense networks, and support the Joint Force is unmatched.

As the nation’s first line of defense in cyberspace, we operate at the speed, relevance, and scale necessary to win. Our CODE informs all U.S. Cyber Command operations and activities:

  1. We win with people. Our most valuable asset is our people. We do not operate weapons, we are the weapon. Through superior training, discipline, and investment in our people, we retain a professional work force with the skills, courage, and motivation to achieve our mission. Service members, civilians, contractors, and their families are integral members of our team.
  1. We seize the initiative. Our agility allows us to secure, defend, and advance strategic goals, maneuvering to counter adversaries while building resilience against future cyber threats.
  1. We are always in the fight. Our persistent global presence allows us to undermine our adversaries’ ability to harm the United States and its interests. We develop teams, infrastructure, tools, accesses, and techniques to shape the environment and meet the evolving threats in the cyberspace domain.
  1. We go where others cannot. Through unique military authorities, experience, and capabilities our teams employ the skills necessary to disrupt adversaries around the globe before they can threaten the homeland. We work with our partners to expose malicious activity on their networks to constrain adversaries’ freedom of action – conducting persistent, global cyber operations to enable military advantages and ensure we are ready when the nation and Joint Force need us. 
  1. We Partner, Empower, and Deliver. We strengthen our partnerships in both the U.S. and abroad to build trust, reinforce norms of responsible state behavior in cyberspace, and enhance each other’s capabilities. Our people empower the Joint Force to win, delivering effects in and through cyberspace for the Joint Force and the nation.