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NEWS | Oct. 10, 2023

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Lt. Col. Rosario

By Christopher Fowler U.S. Cyber Command

In the vast mosaic of America's military history, Lt. Col. (P) Pedro J. Rosario's service is a testament to those who came before him.   His tale begins with both of his grandfathers, brave men who served with “The Borinqueneers,” Puerto Rico’s 65th Infantry during World War II. These men, despite facing linguistic barriers and the weight of segregation, served the nation with distinction and selflessness.  They were united by a fervent desire to serve, a reflection of the deep-rooted Latin values of family and community. This legacy of service was a flame that burned brightly in Rosario's father through 28-years of service, and now it illuminates Rosario's own military career, one marked by the military's commitment to inclusivity. His heritage, combined with his experiences, has bridged cultural divides, and has fostered trust and understanding everywhere he has served. "Strength lies not just in our weapons," Rosario said, "but in our understanding of the hearts and minds with whom we engage."

As USCYBERCOM celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, Lt. Col. Rosario stands as a testament to the enduring strength that diversity brings to the U.S. military. His story is not just one of service, but a reminder of the rich tapestry of cultures that fortify America's defense.