NEWS | July 15, 2021

Army Cyber Command Leaders Discuss Capabilities, Partnership with Commander of U.S. Cyber Command

By William Roche U.S. Army Cyber Command

U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) welcomed Gen. Paul Nakasone, commander of U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), director of the National Security Agency, and chief of the Central Security Service, for an overview of ARCYBER facilities here, and briefings and discussions of the command’s capabilities and how those capabilities and its partnership with USCYBERCOM support U.S. combatant command operations and exercises.

ARCYBER commander Lt. Gen. Stephen Fogarty outlined how the command is integrating efforts across its mission priorities of operating and defending networks data and weapons systems; deploying cyber effects; and conducting information operations. That integration allows ARCYBER to sense, understand, decide, act and continuously assess cyberspace and the information dimension to enable maneuver commanders to maintain information advantage and decision dominance.

ARCYBER also provides cyber combat power to U.S. Central Command, enabling the combatant command to achieve its operational and strategic objectives in cyberspace.

Nakasone joined in discussions and briefings with senior leaders and experts from the ARCYBER headquarters and across the command's major subordinate elements -- Joint Force Headquarters-Cyber, the Network Enterprise Technology Command, 1st Information Operations Command, the 915th Cyberspace Warfare Battalion, and the Army Cyber Protection Brigade -- that highlighted ARCYBER's support to USCYBERCOM and combatant commanders.

The discussions included a specific focus on the expertise and capabilities ARCYBER elements are providing to support the commander's scheme of maneuver for the exercise Defender Pacific, now ongoing in the Indo-Pacific Theater. Those capabilities include the fusion of intelligence resources and support; network and data operations; Cyber Protection Teams and defensive cyberspace operations; deployment of Expeditionary Cyber-Electromagnetic Activities Team capabilities for countermeasures and rapid capability development; conducting inform and influence activities for international audiences; and using lessons learned in the integration of these capabilities to further enable and amplify maneuver support.