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Cyber News
U.S. Potential Target for Malicious Actors, DOD Official Tells Congress
A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense interceptor is launched from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands during Flight Test THAAD-23, August 30, 2019.
March 11, 2020 - With threats emanating from China and Russia, the United States is no longer a sanctuary, but a target, the assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense said.

Near-Peer Threats at Highest Point Since Cold War, DOD Official Says
An Atlas V rocket  launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., Aug. 8, 2019.
March 10, 2020 - The United States faces an array of threats from China and Russia, while the character of warfare also has evolved, the nominee for undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness said.

DOD's Cyber Strategy of Past Year Outlined Before Congress
Marines with Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command in the cyber operations center in Lasswell Hall at Fort Meade, Md., Feb. 5, 2020.
March 6, 2020 - Defense leaders say U.S. cyber forces are increasingly engaged in cyberspace to promote stability and security and to defend the nation.

Program executive officer focuses on modernizing DLA’s information technology systems 
Adarryl Roberts is the program executive officer in charge of the Defense Logistics Agency’s 194 information technology systems.
March 3, 2020 - System modernization and cybersecurity are top priorities for Adarryl Roberts, DLA Information Operations’ program executive officer who oversees 194 information technology systems used by employees to conduct daily operations.

DOD Adopts 5 Principles of Artificial Intelligence Ethics
Marines with Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command observe computer screens at cyber operations center at Fort Meade, Md., Feb. 5, 2020.
Feb. 25, 2020 - The Defense Department has formally adopted five principles for the ethical development of artificial intelligence capabilities — being responsible, equitable, traceable, reliable and governable.

Heading to RSA: NSA Brings Innovative Ideas to Cybersecurity Industry
Photo of NSA booth at RSA 2019
Feb. 12, 2020 - Article previewing NSA's participation in the RSA 2020 conference.

FY 2021 DOD Budget Request Seeks 3% Pay Raise for Service Members
Sailors man the rails of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln as the ship pulls out of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, following a scheduled port visit, Jan. 14, 2020.
Feb. 10, 2020 - The president's $705.4 billion request to fund DOD in fiscal 2021 prioritizes readiness and modernization, strengthening alliances, performance and accountability reforms, and service members and their families.

DOD Has Enduring Role in Election Defense
A U.S. Cyber Command airman and a member of Montenegro’s Defense Ministry review simulated cyber threat information during Defensive Cooperation at Podgorica, Montenegro, Sept. 28, 2018.
Feb. 10, 2020 - Voting has begun for the 2020 presidential election primary season — but it's not the beginning of the U.S. government's defense against foreign interference and influence in elections.