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NEWS | Dec. 27, 2022

CYBER101: US Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command (MARFORCYBER)

By U.S. Cyber Command Public Affairs

The United States Marine Corps is ready to fight and win on land, at sea, or in the skies. Following in this proud tradition, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command (MARFORCYBER) takes the fight to cyberspace.

Established in 2009 and headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland – MARFORCYBER is responsible for operating and defending the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN), the physical infrastructure and digital network that guarantees secure end-to-end communications for U.S. Marines and Joint forces deployed around the globe.

As a component of U.S. Cyber Command, MARFORCYBER contributes thirteen teams of Marines to the Cyber Mission Force (CMF). MARFORCYBER is capable of conducting both defensive and offensive cyberspace operations and organizes these efforts among two subordinate units – Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Group (MCCOG) and Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group (MCCYWG).

In addition to this area of responsibility, MARFORCYBER is the component command entrusted with providing direct cyber operations support to U.S. Special Forces Command (USSOCOM).

Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Group

When the United States must rapidly respond to crisis, its sends the U.S. Marine Corps. Organized in self-sufficient units, the Marine Air Ground Task Forces (MAGTFs) bring together the Marine’s infantry, armored, artillery, air, command, and logistics power to conduct highly-coordinated amphibious operations and landings abroad.

These operations depend on the MCEN for command and control. MARFORCYBER’s Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Group (MCCOG) is the unit responsible for defending the MCEN and ensuring the MAGTFs retain their ability to communicate on the battlefield. The MCCOG also provides direct cyberspace operations support to MAGTFs in order to guarantee their freedom of action in any situation.

To accomplish this mission, the MCCOG is responsible for planning and directing Defensive Cyberspace Operations (DCO) and operations to protect the MCEN.

Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group

Large scale operations require extensive planning, training, coordination, and the right equipment to be successful. The Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group (MCCYWG) serves as the MARFORCYBER unit responsible managing the force’s readiness, training and equipment, and certifying Cyber Mission Force (CMF) Teams to operate at U.S. Cyber Command.

As with operations on land, at sea, or in the air – operations in cyberspace require extensive planning to identify vulnerabilities in adversarial networks. MCCYWG is responsible for identifying these vulnerabilities and conducting computer network exploitation (CNE) as well as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and operational preparation of the environment (OPE) that MCCYWG and U.S. Marines will be operating in.

When authorized, MCCYWG is the MARFORCYBER unit responsible for conducting offensive cyberspace operations (OCO) against adversary networks and supporting Marine and Joint networks during operations.