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NEWS | July 20, 2022

Cyber National Mission Force discloses IOCs from Ukrainian networks

By Cyber National Mission Force Public Affairs

FORT GEORGE E. MEADE, Md.-- In close coordination with the Security Service of Ukraine, USCYBERCOM’s Cyber National Mission Force is disclosing these indicators of compromise. In the last few months, the Security Service of Ukraine discovered several types of malware in their country, and have analyzed the samples and identified IOCs. The IOCs included 20 novel indicators in various formats.

We are publically uploading these IOCs to highlight the potential compromises and provide additional context to our industry counterparts.

Our Ukrainian partners are actively sharing malicious activity they find with us to bolster collective cyber security, just as we are sharing with them. We continue to have a strong partnership in cybersecurity between our two nations.

Why IOCs matter: IOCs are evidence of possible intrusions on a host system or network, and act as digital forensics for network defenders of a potential breach. IOCs implementation enables users to search and identify malware within that host system or network. Malware has a specific behavior that can be identified with the implementation of IOCs. Additionally, the file hash is a quick way to look for the malware, because if the file is the same as the malware, it will have the same hash.

IOC Related Signature
195.154.255 [.] 211  
a8yq99tadibixcolmcy8eiyfncvafk7iqcnarcqxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaaiaa.aaaaaaaaaaaa 1[.]be  
a8yk66yshlbixcolmcy8eiyfncvafk7iqcnarcqxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaaiaa.aaaaaaaaaaa 1[.]be  
a8y1a442fibixcolmcy8eiyfncvafk7iqcnarcqxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaaiaa.aaaaaaaaaaaa e.153 [.]re  
Зброя НОВ.zip 2fd2a110eb2f0b1c15381a4727b2e312
Zbroia.lnk e8c1cd480ecee79077472800be06b3e7
zbroia/1.jpg 117a4913ca14a74a0264352a4b8a2bb6
zbroia/2.jpg c17c26bef5917fb914e0f32e24b4071a
zbroia/зброя нов.xsls 14a89a87f6209515745fbcfe8976287c
"план евакуації (затверджений сбу 28.02.2022 наказом № 009363677833) cd8834da2cfb0285fa75decf6c67d049
wisw.exe 9ad4a2dfd4cb49ef55f2acd320659b83
java-sdk.exe c8bf238641621212901517570e96fae7
oracle-java.exe 4f11abdb96be36e3806bada5b8b2b8f8
microsoft-cortana.exe 9ea3aaaeb15a074cd617ee1dfdda2c26
tmp.php e5e91ec7f8ee8e87a5c349b239bbb47e
up.php 21cc2e276dc88edbbfd7afc45f664534